Have your customers "jot" it down

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To avoid spammers from grabbing your email address, you’ll want to consider a contact form rather than posting your email address on your website. I also use a form for people to submit photos of the pets that I post on the website. If you need a company to provide you with forms for your website check out jotform.com. It’s free up until 100 submissions.  There are numerous other forms available with Jot Form:

  • Blog Contact/Survey
  • Event Calendar
  • Document Uploader
  • Satisfaction Survey
  • Time Sheet
  • Job Application Form
  • RSVP for a Party or Wedding
  • Bug Tracker
  • Reservation Form

The forms are very easy to set up and impliment into your site.  I have been very please with their service thus far.



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3 Responses to “Have your customers "jot" it down”

  1. Mary Russel Says:

    Thank you Angela. I bookmarked it.

  2. Janet Huey Says:

    Thanks for this, I had no idea! I will be updating.

  3. Newsletters Are King « Your Pet Store Blog Says:

    […] Blog My journey to start my online business. « It’s all about the marketing Have your customers “jot” it down […]

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