A Card For All Occassions

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I ordered my business cards from vistaprint.com last week. The business cards are free and you just pay for shipping. It’s a great way to advertise and doesn’t cost a lot.  I spent $11 and got 250 business cards being able to download my own design and I got an address stamp. I’ll be sending these out to customers with a 10% off coupon code for them to use on their next purchase. I’ll be providing them with 2 business cards. One of them is to pass along to a friend. If their friend makes a purchase, that friend gets 10% off their first purchase AND the referring friend gets 10% of their next purchase as well. I have designed a simple flier to go with the business cards.  I’ll be ordering 2 car signs soon from Vistaprint.com as well.  Those are also extremely reasonably priced.

This post brought to you by our popular dog safety harness

Keep your dog safe while you're safe.

Keep your dog safe while you're safe.



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One Response to “A Card For All Occassions”

  1. Mary Russel Says:

    Great idea. Love the dog safety harness too.

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