So Much to Do With So Little Time

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Like most people, I could really use an extra 8 hours in my day.  I have a 40 hour a week job, two kids (ages 4 and 5), and I’m trying to get my website going successfully enough to become a stay-at-home mom.  So that leaves me only 2 hours a day or so to work on the website.  This includes marketing, adding products, and occassionally looking for new suppliers.

Marketing has been the most challenging.  Once the store is set up I add items once a week then I can leave it to only having to fill orders with the remaining “site” related time.  When looked at piece by piece marketing isn’t terribly challenging.  The part that is most challenging for me is how to split my time.  There are SOOOO many marketing tools and strategies out there that it’s difficult to choose what I will do in any given night.  I’m always researching ways to market my site because the different methods are so interesting.

I am constantly getting sidetracked when I do start to implement a marketing project.  I’ll be in the middle of working on something then stumble on another strategy.  It’s like I have ADD when I’m in this process.  I’m working diligently along then something else is dangled in front of me like a piece of meat to a lioness.  I can’t just let this steak go and come back to it later.  I need to sniff out the steak and delve into it right away because “that ‘steak’ must be better than the ‘steak’ I’m eating right now.  I’ll come back to steak #1 when I’m done with steak #2.  But what inevitably happens?  I don’t complete steak #2 before steak #3 is dangled in front of me.

So what’s on this seemingly endless list of “things-to-do”?

  • blogging
  • squidoo
  • stumble upon
  • link exchanges
  • commenting on others’ blogs
  • twitter
  • commenting in forums
  • submitting to directories
  • customer newsletters
  • advertising (craigslist, banners, website classifieds)
  • working on SEO strategies
  • writing content/articles for the website
  • submitting articles to other websites
  • Digg
  • follow-up emails to customers (haven’t done many but I’d like to do more)
  • I’ve been wanting to start a contest on my website

Wow!  I thought it just sounded like a lot in my head.  It even LOOKS like a lot.  And that’s all off the top of my head so you can probably double that for all the different things you can do online to promote your business.

So when I’m in these forums and on these blogs because I’m trying to market my website and want to leave comments, what do I do when I find the next “piece of steak?”  Jump on it or save it for later??

What would you do?  Any input would be VERY much appreciated!


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7 Responses to “So Much to Do With So Little Time”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Oh, you are so right! It’s difficult to stay focused on any single marketing task with so many that seemingly NEED to be done. I have an article about this very issus, and it is posted over on The Selling Lounge. I’ll try to post a link for you, but will need to go find it.

  2. Sheila Says:

    I had previously published that article a
    Here’s the link to it there.

    (Articles at GoArticles can be freely re-published, as long as the guidelines are followed, which generally means you must leave any links and the author’s brief bio at the end in tact.)

  3. yourpetstoreblog Says:

    Thanks Sheila! I’ve printed it out to refer to it often. Great article. GoArticles sounds like a great resource in itself! Do you use it often?

  4. Exciting New Feature « Your Pet Store Blog Says:

    […] Sheila pointed me to GoArticles a couple days ago so I got to thinking… see… me getting side tracked again.  She recommends I submit my articles there and I come out of the suggestion with a completely different idea.  Although I still want to submit my articles… I’ll come back to that idea. […]

  5. @donpower Says:

    Hi Angela!

    I saw your original comment on

    I’m a newbie blogger so I can identify too. In fact the last several posts I’ve left at other people’s blogs have been to ask them:


    If you find out, please let me know at!



    • yourpetstoreblog Says:

      Hi Don, will do! Nice to know someone out there feels like I do. Now I’m wondering if (for myself) it’s easier to research than actually “do” or decide what I need to “do”. So it might all come down to laziness for me. Hmmmm … something for me to ponder.

  6. @donpower Says:

    In the short time that I”ve been doing this, the messge that I see repeated time and time again by experienced bloggers is “DO IT” TAKE ACTION!

    So, gotta go take some action! Nice to meet you!

    Shameless plug for a new post – Where were you on Y2K?

    See you on the posts, Angela!

    – Don

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