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Sheila pointed me to GoArticles a couple days ago so I got to thinking… see… me getting side tracked again.  She recommends I submit my articles there and I come out of the suggestion with a completely different idea.  Although I still want to submit my articles… I’ll come back to that idea.

I’ve been told that customers care about themselves.  They want their problems solved.  They don’t want to hear your sales pitch unless it helps them solve their problem.  Makes sense.  As a result of this I’ve developed a new feature on Your Pet Store With More

My Plan: Each week I will post a new article I’ve found on GoArticles.  This will be an article that I hope is informative and possibly helpful to people visiting my site.  I want to make 10 articles available for download if people wish or they can come back to view the new article each week. I also want to ask the customers to send the article to a friend.  That might be done with the tell & share button, but I might work on something else. Just have to figure out how to do it.

My goal with this action:

  1. Become a source for information and help to site visitors.
  2. Gives customers a reason to come back to my site.
  3. Asking people to click on a button creates a “call to action,” which is a potential lead.  I’ve also added a survey at the end of the article where customers have the choice to provide their email.
  4. Another call to action is having people provide their email for the 10 free articles all at once.  Both of the opportunities to obtain email addresses open the door for me to gain a lead and a possible future customer.
  5. I would like referrals from customers in the form of them forwarding articles onto their friends that may benefit from an article or two or three.

Why GoArticles? Although I do enjoy writing, the time it would take me to research and write these articles would be taken away from developing and marketing my website.  The articles are free so that was even more of an incentive to go this route.  If you choose GoArticles just remember that you can’t alter the article.  You must keep any links and references to the author.  Basically copy and paste and that’s it.  To have as few outside links on my site as possible is another reason I decided to only post one article per week rather than posting a ton of articles.  In addition that gave me the opportunity to create the call of action for people to request the 10 article download.

I still want to discuss SUBMITTING my articles which is where this idea all started.  I’ll do that tomorrow.


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