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I’ve started adding pictures to my blog.  I love this feature of my blog… and others’ blogs.  Before I started a blog, I didn’t think about it but I’m betting that I am more likely to read a blog if it has a picture.  At least on a boring page.  And since I can’t install plug-ins yet, I think this is a great way to liven up the site.  The first site I’ve been using that allows you to download and use their photos on your own site is Stock Exchng.  There are many others if you just enter ‘blog free photos.’  There are MANY free sites out there offering free membership and free photos.  Stock Exchng is one such company.  Sign up for a FREE account.  After verifying your email you are good to begin downloading pictures immediately.  There are some pictures on the site that have a translucent logo on top of the picture.  Those I haven’t used and I don’t think I will.  It just doesn’t look professional in my opinion.

Do YOU use pictures on your blog?  What site do you use?  What is your first impression of sites that use pictures in their blog… does it impact your opinion at all?


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2 Responses to “Picture This!”

  1. ileaneb Says:

    Hi Angela,
    I agree images create a lot of interest for your post.

    I wouldn’t use images with the watermark on them either. At my day job we use iStock, the images are not free, but they have a huge collection with some very professional photographer’s work.

    I heard that Flickr has some great images in the Creative Commons area, but I haven’t tried looking there yet.

    Thanks for the link, maybe I’ll start using Stock Exchang.


  2. Just Audrey Says:

    I am a very visual person so I appreciate it when bloggers or journalists use photos or graphics to enhance the written content of their posts. In my opinion, it provides a quick survey of what the post is about and lures the reader into perusing an article. In my blog posts I try to always use some sort of image because I like having an image thumbnail on my LinkWithin widget after my posts.

    I love the pictures from Flickr–you can get some really beautiful ones on there. I am very careful, however, to make sure I credit the original source by hyperlinking the photo to it, so if you click on the picture it takes you to the source.

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