2009 – The Year in Review

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I’ve gone through quite a bit of growth in my website this year.  I started my business in December 2008 and I think I’ve grown and learned so much about Internet Enterprise in this year.  This is primarily thanks to seller forums, fellow bloggers, and magazines.

The growth in 2009 has been plentiful but I have so much more growing to do in 2010. I have…

  • changed the store name to be less exclusive to dogs but include cat merchandise as well.
  • closed my cat focused store in the process.  I wasn’t able to give it the focus it needed so I think I’m much better off with the two pet types together in one store.  So many people have a cat and a dog that now people can shop from one store when they are looking for both pets.
  • changed my blog over from blogger to wordpress.  I still need to switch it to be hosted by godaddy so I can install the awesome plug-ins.  That’s on my list of goals for next year.
  • became more active in the blogger community.
  • started blogging more consistently once I moved over the WordPress.
  • set up a fan page on Facebook.
  • joined various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, digg.com, ning.com
  • given Amazon.com a shot with the store.
  • Increased inventory in the store.
  • Advertised on Facebook and MySpace.
  • Ran a contest online.
  • Tried advertising a bit on other sites.
  • Submitted my site to search engines.
  • Decided to remove link partnerships from my store’s website.
  • Started using stock photos in my blog.

I will post goals for 2010 sometime soon.  I’d love to hear anyone else’s goals for 2010!  How did you do in 2009… about what you expected, above expectations, below expectations?  Do you know why you did well or not so well?


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