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December 11, 2009

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For the past few days I’ve been trying to get my .com over to .org being hosted by  So I think I’m half way through the process.  I have been using tutorials throughout the internet.  Some help more than others.  These instructions are in blogs.  What I find fascinating is I seem to be the only one with a problem converting.  Ugh!  I really want to be able to install plug-ins but I am STUCK.  And I was looking at a plug-in installation process and that doesn’t seem all that easy either.  So I think I’ll just take a couple days away from trying.  Then I can come back to it with a fresh mind.

dog slippers for humans

Dog Slippers for Humans

In the mean time I’ve been filling lots of orders over at Your Pet Store With More.  Customers LOVE the dog slippers for humans that I have.  They are awesome!  They are adorable AND are so comfortable.  Check out the features…

* Nylon Tricot (which the foot rests on )

* Eva Foam

* Polyurethane foam

* Polyester Tricot

* Stippled PVC dots on the bottom of each slipper to provide traction.

On top of all that… the heads turn around. They are just too cute. EVERYONE needs slippers at Christmas time right? Why not these adorable slippers?