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Update on the new exciting Twitter Tool

November 7, 2009

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OK so that twitter tool I mentioned in the prior post. Not as impressive as I thought. I’ve learned that just following the group doesn’t show the group members that you are following them. So our goal is to have people follow us back normally. You need to adjust that goal a bit if you’re using this tool.

  1. You can follow the group and follow everyone in the group on an individual basis
  2. Watch the people’s comments from that group and if someone seems interesting follow them. Then hopefully they’ll follow you in return.
  3. Listorious also shows you a preview of what the group members have tweeted lately.  So you can decide at that point to follow.
  4. *** Best option as I see it. *** Check the person that created the group.  Enter that person’s user name into the cross follow section of Buzzom.  Then follow everyone they are following.  You should capture the group that way.

Any thoughts or suggestions for different uses of the Listorious tool?