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Are you content with your level of content?

November 10, 2009

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Why is content so important to a website?

  • Do you think you are more likely to be found amongst the millions of websites out there if you have 800 pages of content or 100 pages of content.  If you guessed 800 you are correct.   The more pages you have the easier it is to find you.
  • Updating your website regularly with content shows Google and other search engines that your site is active.  If Google’s crawler comes to your site and sees you haven’t updated it for 2 months, they aren’t going to crawl your site again any time soon.  The crawler figures why bother… what’s changed?  And the more often Google crawls your site is directly related to your position in their search results.
  • Quality content speaks to your credibility.  Misspelled words and poor grammar does not a good salesperson make.  Writing skills and site appeal are directly related.  Once people find you, they will want to stay if you have drawn them in with your content.   I’ve gone to for inspiration regarding product descriptions for my store.  The writer’s for their catalog are incredibly descriptive and poetic with their product descriptions are. If you ever need motivation to write better content, check out
  • Adding content to your site is an opportunity to add links to your site.   The Google robots like links.  If you add a link to your site someone might add your link to theirs.

Now, go create some content!