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December 13, 2009

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As I was working on the wordpress conversion I spoke about yesterday I was on I noticed I had credits for advertising on, facebook, and myspace.  Does myspace still exist??  OK maybe I shouldn’t knock them.  Anyhow, I set up adds for all 3.  Not a smooth road with Google though.  I go through setting up my add.  Then they tell me I will be charged a NON-REFUNDABLE $5 to start up my account.  OK whatever.  BS but I’ll do it.  So I click “next” or whatever.  Then I’m asked to enter my coupon code.  Note I already gave them the NON-REFUNDABLE $5.  THEN I find out my coupon code I got from godaddy is useless because I’ve had my google account too long.  OK granted it may have said something about that in some terms somewhere, but it’s google… what kind of terms could they have that I don’t agree with?  I click ok to the terms early on without reading them.  So now I’m not advertising on expensive Google and $5 has gone up in flames.   I did successfully use my coupon codes on Myspace and Facebook so HA to Google.  Still irritates me.  You know they do that intentionally to “get” people like me.  Go BING!

Where oh Where are the Blogs

November 18, 2009

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In my recent blog called Link Exchanging The who why what and how I discussed posting comments on blogs to get your links out there.  Where do you find these blogs?  Up until now I would just search on Google with the term “blog” included in my search.  Then today I was introduced to a great resource when I was listening to a webinar on Hubspot.  It’s Google Blogs.  No need to enter the word “blog” in your search here because all you get in your query results are blogs.  Although the title implies you’ll only receive blogspot blogs (Google run blogs) you do receive blogs with no Google affiliation.   

These are better results than I was getting when I just used “blog” in my search.  Why?  Because I was bringing in sites that might not necessarily be blogs, but for some reason they mentioned blogs on their page and they were optimized for the words I used in my search. 

I have found some great sites so far that I not only want to comment on but I also want to receive the RSS feed on.  In my next blog entry I’ll discuss why I use the RSS feed rather than following a blog.