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Where oh Where are the Blogs

November 18, 2009

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In my recent blog called Link Exchanging The who why what and how I discussed posting comments on blogs to get your links out there.  Where do you find these blogs?  Up until now I would just search on Google with the term “blog” included in my search.  Then today I was introduced to a great resource when I was listening to a webinar on Hubspot.  It’s Google Blogs.  No need to enter the word “blog” in your search here because all you get in your query results are blogs.  Although the title implies you’ll only receive blogspot blogs (Google run blogs) you do receive blogs with no Google affiliation.   

These are better results than I was getting when I just used “blog” in my search.  Why?  Because I was bringing in sites that might not necessarily be blogs, but for some reason they mentioned blogs on their page and they were optimized for the words I used in my search. 

I have found some great sites so far that I not only want to comment on but I also want to receive the RSS feed on.  In my next blog entry I’ll discuss why I use the RSS feed rather than following a blog.


Top 4 resources for newbies

November 2, 2009

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Do you want to start your own e-commerce website but have no idea where to start? When I first started this venture I thought I needed to know HTML code and have complicated programming skills.  Not so… to my pleasant surprise. You can be a novice computer user and gain popularity on the world wide web.

What’s first?  After you figure out what you want to sell you’ll want to find out who will host your website. That is the company that houses all of your information/code.   I use Buy it Sell It and have from the beginning.   It is $10 a month with no fees taken when you sell an item.  You’ll only pay fees through Paypal, Google Checkout, and/or your credit card carrier.  I’m pleased with Buy It Sell It overall.  Checking the chat boards you’ll find people that voice their displeasure for the site.   A lot of times I find their displeasure comes from high expectations that are not being met.  The thing many people should keep in mind about starting their own website is that it’s not just posting some items and hoping someone comes across them and wants to buy them. There is so much more involved than that. BUT the great thing is that the internet is FULL of places to help you gain the knowledge required for your site to succeed.
4 of my favorite sources of information that allow me to compete on the internet:

  1. The Selling Lounge:  This is a community of other sellers offering tips, answering questions, and generally being there for one another.  There are soooo many resources and so much help they offer that you’re better off checking them out for yourself.  Besides the great advice the site offers, is the lack of sarcasm that comes with soooo many other chat rooms.  Other chat rooms are filled with people that love to make you feel like an idiot.  Not this place.  Far from it!
  2. The Buy It Sell It Community: People here are very supportive as well.  You can find a variety of help here like SEO tips, templates for your store, help with setting up your store or making changes to your store, ideas for promoting your store, and many other types of help.
  3. Hubspot: This site I don’t think enough people know about.  They are a company that specializes in Inbound Marketing… getting your name/site out there and being noticed.  They have a very helpful blog and many webinars that are also extremely helpful.  I get at LEAST one great idea out of every webinar and blog.  This site really is a gem that more people should be taking advantage of.
  4. Small Business Website Development Training: This is an awesome class put on by Cricket Walker.  This is a FREE course online where over a period of a few weeks via emails she teaches you how to optimize your website for the search engines.  You’ll need to sign up for the SEO Training Class AND the Website Marketing Class at the same time.  I recommend setting up a separate email just for this class so you can categorize everything and it’s all easy to find when you want to refer back to lessons.  This truely is a remarkable class for the price… FREE.

Are there sources you think are helpful for new website ventures?  Please share them!


Fantastic Marketing Resource!

October 17, 2009

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There is a new website I’ve been fascinated with lately.  I think it will help Your Pet Store With More excel in the marketplace.  It’s called It is a fantastic educational website for people starting their own website. I’ve listened to a couple of webinars and read some articles. They are very helpful! They have products they sell to make life easier on a website developer, but they aren’t shoving it down your throat. They show you the long way around if you don’t want to go the easy route with their product(s). It’s an exceptional website and is well known on the internet with thousands of references throughout the internet.

SOME of the topics that are gone through are:
• Blogging. Why it’s important to your website.
• Marketing analytics and how it can work for you.
• List of other marketing tools available.

There is an excellent workshop that Hubspot did. It’s available for everyone on-line actually.

If you’ve worked with hubspot or listen to the workshop or just want to comment please do.  I’d love to hear from you!