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A guide to your landing page

November 9, 2009

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I have started working on a landing page for my site. Now, every page could be considered a landing page for your site, but THIS landing page will be special. How so? Here are the key elements of a great landing page:
Simple: Don’t distract the viewer by having a large number of menu items to the side. You want them to focus on the reason you brought them to that landing page. You don’t want to distract the viewer from your real message with other links nearby. I’ve hidden mine completely on my landing page. The only people can click is “home,” “contact,” “FAQ,” and “RSS.”
Offer something for FREE. An Ebook, a newsletter, a free item from your store for entering a contest. This should be above the “fold” on the page. What does that mean? You want to make sure the person can see the button before they have to scroll down. If there is no offer to view above the fold they are unlikely to scroll.
Ask the person for minimal information. I would recommend just an email address. The more people have to enter the more likely they are to exit or hit the back button.
Give the person a “call to action.” You are asking the viewer to take action… click or submit. Calls of action could be submitting their email address, clicking for a coupon code, or access to a PDF of a relevant article.
Short and to the point:
o The person you brought here might have a quick trigger finger for the back button so you want to give them as little to process as possible.
o Don’t ramble on and on because depending on the audience you have brought there they might not be interested in reading on a website they’ve never heard of until 5 seconds prior.
o Bullet points and bold lettering are great for keeping your points short. They can easily see the bullet points and bold type. They don’t have to read through a long line of sentence(s).
Stay on point: If the customer came in because they entered a search term of free marketing ebook, make sure you offer them a free marketing ebook.
Nice layout and design: You want to look professional with this page as it could make or break you in terms of your click-thru rate.

There are quite a few examples of Landing Pages on the internet. I’d recommend looking at a bunch of them then take a stab at your own.

Do some testing. Once you’ve done your landing page, create another one that is only slightly different (such as a different heading) and see which one customers prefer (this based on the click-thru rate).