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Important Link Building Techniques

November 2, 2009

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One thing you want to have on the top of your list of things-to-do is link building. The ideal is for someone to put your link on their page with no reciprical link from you. That could happen if you post a comment on their blog for example. If you agree to a link exchange be sure you are ethical and return the favor when you agree to do so.

Why create links for yourself in the World Wide Web?

  • Spiders from search engines like Google LOVE links.  The more often they come across a link of yours on the internet the more likely they are to crawl your site.  You want Google to crawl your site as often as possible because that will increase the likelyhood of you coming up in their search results.
  • Links on other sites also give potential customer’s one more way to find you.

What is a good link?

  • In the link for your text you’ll want to include good keywords.  For instance for my site I might say that Your Pet Store With more has a fantastic variety of dog dishes to choose from.  Notice how I used dog dishes to use as the link rather than my store name.  I am also using the link to that exact page in my store.  That page is optimized for dog dishes not something unrelated like safety harnesses.
  • If you get on a site with great authority that is also a big plus.  For instance, if you get your link onto NBC News that that means much more to search engines than if you add your site name to a new blog.

How do you build your links?

  • One way to get your link out there is to post on blogs.  Now don’t post your site just to be posting your site because a lot of times it won’t be approved.  Post your site if appropriate.  For instance if someone asks in their blog for people to suggest twitter tools in the comments section I might mention I just did a blog article about twitter tools that they might find interesting and insert a link to the specific blog I have in mind.
  • You can submit articles to websites that ask for content.  Ezine is a popular one.
  • Google and Bing have started putting people’s Twitter posts in the search results.  So be sure to use key words in your tweets that include your URL.
  • Submit your site to directories.  Go to google and enter ‘directory “pet supplies” submit’.  You’ll want to use your own term for a directory.  By entering the word submit many times I’m taken right to the page where either I need to submit or directions on how to submit to the particular directory.
  • Submitting an article to a Press Release directory.  Take a look at the current articles on the site before submitting so you get an idea of what other people are putting out there.  Make sure your article is professional and optimized for your keywords.
  • Providing great content on your site will have people wanting to link to you.  One place people may add your link is their blogs or Digg.  Digg is a place where people submit articles or content they find interesting throughtout the internet.  People also review articles and give their opinion of the content of articles, photos, or videos on the site.
  • If your content is good, you may even be a guest blogger on someone’s site.  If their blog is relavent to an article you may have ready to submit, follow that person and become a noticeable part of that person’s blog community.  Then ask if they would be willing to post one of your articles.
  • One method I use are link exchanges with sites similar to mine but not in direct competition with mine.  For instance, if a person sells dog dishes I won’t link to them.  If  they provide dog training advice I will link to them.  My customers would benefit from that site, but they aren’t going to leave my site buy something from that other site that I already carry.
  • AngelaS