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Where oh Where are the Blogs

November 18, 2009

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In my recent blog called Link Exchanging The who why what and how I discussed posting comments on blogs to get your links out there.  Where do you find these blogs?  Up until now I would just search on Google with the term “blog” included in my search.  Then today I was introduced to a great resource when I was listening to a webinar on Hubspot.  It’s Google Blogs.  No need to enter the word “blog” in your search here because all you get in your query results are blogs.  Although the title implies you’ll only receive blogspot blogs (Google run blogs) you do receive blogs with no Google affiliation.   

These are better results than I was getting when I just used “blog” in my search.  Why?  Because I was bringing in sites that might not necessarily be blogs, but for some reason they mentioned blogs on their page and they were optimized for the words I used in my search. 

I have found some great sites so far that I not only want to comment on but I also want to receive the RSS feed on.  In my next blog entry I’ll discuss why I use the RSS feed rather than following a blog.


Link Submissions

November 13, 2009

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I’m using this blog post to highlight 3 ways to submit your links to other websites so that you are sure to include the all important alt tags (alternative text). 

Let’s first start with an explanation of “anchor text” as it relates to submitting your website for post on another website.  When you submit your website to another site through a link exchange it is highly recommended to use “anchor text.”  Is that some new concept that takes hours to study and learn before you can MAYBE implement it successfully?  Nope!  This is actually not as complicated as it may sound. 

What is Anchor text?  It is the attachment of the link for your store to a keyword that is important to your site.  Often people attach the link to only their website name.  That is not the most optimal position.  What’s important is that Google robots find your keywords.  From there you want to tell the robots to go directly to your site without passing GO. 

It is also important that you take the person/google-bots to a site that has the same keywords in it’s title that you used in your anchor text. 

Method 1 to submit your link:

  • Let’s use my own website as an example.  If I am placing a link on someone’s site I might want to promote my dog dishes with the following text:  Your Pet Store With More carries very unique personalized dog bowls in addition to other fabulous pet supplies.  “Personalized dog bowls” are keywords on the linking page and they are included in the URL for the page. 
  • You can even mix it up a bit by highlighting something different each time you submit your URLs so you’re getting different links for your websites out there.  I could replace personalized dog bowls with dog carriers the next time.  Avoid using “click here” as your anchor text.  It will not benefit your position in Google results.

Method 2 to submit your link:

Sometimes companies you are exchanging links with use the format of attaching your URL to the name of your store.  If you can’t talk them into doing it the easier way I’ve explained above try the following <a <href=”; title=”Personalized Dog Bowls“>Your Pet Store With More </a>has a wide variety of dog bowls in addition to many other pet supplies for you and your best friend.  This is the alternate method to using alt tag in your link.

Method 3 to submit your link:

A third method people use is having you submit an image with your logo.  To that you can attach your link and alt text (Alternate Text) that will act like the anchor text.  <img alt="personalized dog bowls" src="" /></a><a href="" target="_blank"></a> In red is your alt text.

Other tips:

  • When you ask someone to do a link exchange, it’s best to have your html code written out for them so the Webmaster can easily place the text into his links page.
  • You can even use this method of anchor text within your own website.  If a collar matches a leash provide a link to the leash with your keywords highlighted and the URL to match just as you would whe you do a link exchange.

Happy Linking!  Have any tips YOU’D like to share?
I’d love to hear comments on the article…

Link Exchanging The who why what and how

November 11, 2009

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With my own website I need to get a link to my website out there as many times as I can.  One method is link exchanges with other websites.  You put their link on your site and they put your link on their site.


When you exchange links with a site it should be with similar companies but not companies that would be in competition with you.

  1. If someone else sells dog supplies I don’t want to link with them.  I am taking the chance that someone will find that person’s link and leave my store.  Eliminate all sources possible of detracting a customer from your site.  In this criteria you’ll also be finding companies that may interest your customers.  My customers may very well need a dog training video.  I am providing them with a valuable service with the recommendation of a source.
  2. The ideal exchange would be with a company that is related to mine.  For instance, a dog training school or doggie daycare.  That wouldn’t be direct competition and it is easier for the Google-bot to jump from a site about dog training to dog supplies than it is to jump from a site about kitchen gadgets to dog supplies.


  • You want to exchange links to get your presence out there.  It is very important that Google see that many sites are linking to you.  It’s almost like a recommendation from all of these sites.  It makes sense really.  If you happen across stats of a site with 10 site linked to them vs a site with 100 sites linked to them the natural inclination is that the 100 site linked site is the more reputable and more well established company.  You want to show both your customers AND Google your strength throughout the internet.
  • Another reason to exchange links is that is one more place that people have the opportunity to find your site.  It’s one more opportunity to show up in Google search results and one more opportunity for a customer to stumble upon you on someone else’s website.

WHAT’s the BEST link exchange you could do?

Being added to a site where no reciprocal link is required.

Having a blog is a great opportunity to get your link out there without having to always return the favor.

  1. Other sites might link to you because they love your content.  That is exciting because you are getting a free link out there.
  2. You can comment on other blogs with MEANINGFUL comments and include your link.  Those are usually no-follow links so you aren’t given credit by Google, but it’s another group of people that will see your comment.  If they find your comment interesting they might visit your site.  I’d like to note that your blog should be meaningful.  Don’t just add “good post… visit my store at….”  I need to approve comments before they are posted and sorry but I don’t approve those types of comments. They are actually called SPAM.  Yep, you might be surprised by that but many times it’s filtered out by a spam filter on WordPress.  And if the filter doesn’t weed you out I will.  harsh but it’s SO annoying to see people do that over and over and to know it’s a worthless comment.


So I’ve discussed getting the non-reciprocal and more valuable link.  Let’s discuss getting the link exchange with other sites related to your own.

  • I would go to other sites that are in competition with you.
  • See who they are linking to.
  • If they are linking to these people it’s most likely because those people linked to them.  What does that mean?  Those are the companies that are more likely to say yes to a solicitation from you.
  • Contact the people behind the links and ask them if they would be interested in a link exchange.
  • Provide them with your website address and any other pertinent information.  You could choose to send them language you’d like for your link at this point or after they’ve responded.  I generally look at their link page and see what kind of formatting they use.  Do they want a banner or an avatar to go with my store name and descriptions?  Do they just want a link?

Tomorrow I will cover what you should include with your link whenever possible.

I’d love to hear comments on the article…