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Newsletters Are King

October 19, 2009

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If you’re not sending out a newsletter monthly, you should start.  Prior to the Holidays is a great time to start.  I always include a coupon in my newsletters.  People are always looking for deals around the holidays!  Make sure you provide plenty of links to your site in the newsletter.  Even if you have 10 customers, you can still have a successful newsletter.  My first newsletter was to 20 people.  I had one sale from it.  That’s terrific considering it didn’t cost me a penny to send out the newsletter.  I use to produce and send the newsletter.  They provide tracking tools so you can see who opted out after receiving the newsletter, who clicked on the newsletter, and many other tools that I will probably need when I have more customers.  It is free up to 100 contacts.  Then there is a pricing scale.  I don’t need anything extremely sophisticated so this site and the free plan works for me.  If you use another service and like or don’t like it leave a comment.  I’d love to hear about it.  I’m always open to checking out new services.

Once you get more customers you can even start to run tests.  For instance, this week I sent my newsletter on Sunday morning to half of my customers and I’m sending it again tomorrow to the other half.  I’m also including an extra 5% off to people that click on the store link in the newsletter tomorrow.  I have a special landing page set up.  We’ll see if the new spicier landing page and an extra 5% entices people.   You could also write two completely different newsletters to see which style or content does better or if it doesn’t make a difference.  There are a lot of possibilities you can play with.   The more customers you have the more tests you can perform.

Got my printed copy of website magazine today.  I can’t wait to go through it and start highlighting and making notes.  Might even read some articles a second time that I already read through my email version.  If you haven’t signed up for website magazine yet, I highly recommend it.  It’s a FREE source… I LOVE FREE!!!

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