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Are you serious about your online business?

October 27, 2009

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Will customers want to call you with questions or product inquiries?  I highly recommend getting a toll free number.  The cost may be lower than you might think.  And you get so much more out of it.  Putting a 1-800 number on your sight shows your customers you are reachable.  It shows them you aren’t hiding from them.  Even if people have no need to call you just them seeing you have the number and you are established enough to GET a number might make the difference between them buying from you and buying from the next retailer they come across.

I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a 1-888 number. It’s only $2/month with a $2 sign-up fee. Then it’s something like $.06 /min if someone calls. I used for this and I get a referral credit if someone signs up under my number so keep me in mind when you sign up for your 1-888 number. I considered getting a customized 1-888 number but it would have been $15 so I’ll go without. It’s not that important. So when you want to use me as a referral… or if you have product questions…. 1-888-219-0452

There are a few different options with  You can send your customer calls directly to your voicemail.  This can be a specially recorded voicemail for your business calls.   You don’t need a separate phone line or anything fancy.  For instance, I don’t use a land-line.  I use a cell phone.  So all of the 1-888 calls go directly to my cell phone.  Here are some of the FREE options has:

  • Web Call Button: Receive calls directly from your web page with a simple click of a button.
  • Virtual Calling Card: Make calls using your Kall8 number as a Virtual Calling Card.
  • Conference Calling: Conduct conferences with up to 25 participants any time you want for as long as you like.
  • Call Blocking: Customize the area from which you want to receive calls.
  • Custom Call Forwarding: Set a schedule to automatically forward your calls to different numbers based on one or all of the following: time, day, area code, specific number or the state from which the call originated.
  • Call Notification Emails: Receive an instant email notification every time your 800 number is called.
  • Set Maximum Call Length: Set the Maximum allowed time that an answered call can stay connected.  I’d love to hear from people regarding what you’d want to use this for.  I mean if a customer is calling you you don’t want to lose the call.
  • Caller ID: Choose whether to display the Caller’s number or your Kall8 number as the Caller ID on incoming calls.  IF you have multiple 1-888 numbers you may want the 1-888 number to show up so you know which business the person is calling for.

There are also Enhanced services offered that you would pay for.  Based on the free services and the respect you will get for getting a 1-888 number, this is an excellent route to go for an online business owner.

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