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Mixx it up with TweetMixx

November 17, 2009

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I have found a fun Twitter tool with the help of PC Magazine.  I was at the library a couple of days ago with my kids and decided to look at a magazine while they were playing and picking out books.  In the few pages I had time to read, I was able to find a couple of nice resources in there.  The one that stood out the most was

What do you see a lot of when you are on twitter?  LINKS!  Admittedly there are a LOT of posts on Twitter that include links.  You never know what’s going to be on that link until you click on it since people have a limited space to introduce the link. shows the tweets of people you are following as they would appear in Twitter.  If there is a link contained in the tweet there is another box including further detail of what is behind that link.  This is a very easy way to see if you actually want to click on the link. The first time you log in with your Twitter account name and password you can enter Interests.  Those will stay there under your user name so you don’t need to enter them each time you come back to the site.

How else can TweetMixx be used?

  • If you are on Twitter to network you’ll want to comment to other people’s blog posts so you are not seen as just a spammer (someone who all they do is post links to their website).  It’s spamming AND it’s annoying.  When I was trying this out last night I found I RT’d more AND commented more on postings.
  • You can also bring up people that are talking about a topic that interests you when you click on the tab “what interests you?’  I used keywords “my dog” and “dog.”  You can also choose to look at tweets that only contain links or ALL of your friends’ tweets.  I choose all since I’m looking for people I can comment or RT for … not necessarily looking for links.
  • You can also look at Twitter’s top topics as determined by the most popular links on Twitter in the last 24 hours.
  • Topics that are trending on Twitter at the moment.  Although when I clicked on two, no tweets came up for them so I’m not sure why not.
  • The Channels tab allows you to see the tweets of companies that have created accounts on  You can easily see what links they are recommending.  PC Magazine is one of them so that’s one that I’ll check out on there.



Awesome FREE Twitter Tool quality followers

October 25, 2009

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So I was trying to figure out how to mass follow people with interests in dogs to promote my website.  One search in google for “bulk follow” and I found it.

For those new to Twitter maybe I should review why I want to follow people that are interested in dogs, cats, or pets.  Well, many people on Twitter either have an auto-follow set up or they manually follow people if they are being followed.  OR maybe I just look interesting to that person and they decide to follow me back.  Either way, when I follow someone the goal is for them to follow me back.  And if people decide not to follow me back I go through and clear them out in a week or so using Karma (discussed in one of my prior posts).

I was using Twellow to look for people with interests in pets.  That was a bit tedious clicking on people one by one to follow them.  So I looked for the bulk follow as I mentioned above…. JACKPOT!  I found TWITin.  There are a few different ways to approach this site.

  1. First button you’ll see is FLUSH.  This is like Karma.  Get rid of anyone that isn’t following you.  Unless of course you really want to see what people have to.  Celebrities are fun to watch.  Or if you have friends on there.  Or marketers you want to hear from.
  2. The third button is RECIPROCATE.  That one is useful if you are not already auto-following people.  Social Oomph will help you set that up as mentioned in a prior post.
  3. The most important button: GROW!
  • If you click “GROW” without clicking a button on the side menu you will get people the system recommends you follow.  I’m guessing that’s based on who you are already following.
  • The People Search Button: Enter interests based on their bio, a word in their tweet, or their location.  People will come up.  You can “check all” and basically bulk follow about 25 people.  Refresh and do it again.  Another thing you can do is enter words people might use that you don’t want to follow.  Like if someone says “nude” or “naked” they will come up.  And I’m sure you can come up with a ton of other words you don’t feel you need to read on Twitter.  You can block them.
  • The Cross Follow Button” Allows you to enter the user name of someone and follow everyone they are following or follow everyone that is following them.  Maybe I want to get the followers of another store.  Or I think another store picked great followers.  I can follow whichever I choose.  Or both if I choose.

Thanks RotorBlog who came up first for the “bulk follow” search in Google.  There are a couple of other great sources offered over there as well that I might get into some other night if I haven’t already.


My top 6 Twitter Tools I love

October 16, 2009

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Check out the tools I love on Twitter

  1. The search box in Twitter is a very helpful tool.  This allows you to search what people are talking about. For example if someone says “my dog” or has dog in their comment and sounds like they like or love dogs I add them as a follow. Then I hope they’ll follow me and see my advertising.
  2. If you have multiple accounts on twitter you can use
    Someone recommended this site the other day. You don’t have to log in and out of your accounts to make comments. If you have a 2nd business or personal account this is a terrific tool.
  3. Check this out…. this site lists all the cool twitter tools. I’ll have to browse every now and then for stuff that isn’t helpful today… might be helpful tomorrow.
  4. I love the Karma tool. It even shows the last time the person tweeted so I drop them if it’s past 100 days. I’m seriously considering 60 days.  Personally I have so many different accounts on the internet that if I haven’t updated one for even 30+ days for me it’s not a very important account and I may never touch it again. In addition I’ve gone through the people I follow and if they haven’t started following me within maybe a week or so I’ll stop following them. I try to keep # of people I’m following and people following me pretty even.  There  is a limit on the percentage different these two numbers can be so that’s a big reason why.
  5. The one I’ve been using the most lately is Social Oomph formerly known as Tweet Later.  It has a lot of tools available for free.  You can schedule tweets. So I think of things (personal) that I might be thinking later. And I’ll post products. Then I’ll schedule them for 2-3-4 hours from now. I can set up 10 tweets after I go to bed.. You can also shorten your URL that you include with your tweet when you create your message.  This allows you to type more of your own thoughts.  You can ALSO easily post to different Twitter accounts at the same time.  Another thing I love about this is that I can indicate preferences to follow people automatically if they follow me, I can set a preference to unfollow people that unfollow me (love that).  And you can set up automation to send a message to people when they start following you. ANOTHER THING: If someone says my dog, yourpetstorewithmore, or cat  I will get an email with those people listed every 12 hours.
  6. Another great tool to follow people and hope they follow you in return is You can enter interests of people to find them and follow them right from that page. With you have to click on the person, be taken to Twitter then follow them, but you can follow very quickly and easily from this site.

I’m building my list to have many people per day that I have in my advertising audience.

I would try to post at least 5 product links a day. It doesn’t have to be something I JUST added. Just usually something I haven’t posted on Twitter yet. That will get me about 25 views on that product in about 5 minutes. Pretty quick advertising!

I also talk about my personal life on there so it doesn’t seem like I’m just posting to get people to look at my site. I can remain anonymous kind of.  Just remember to keep it clean and professional.  You want people to see you as a trusted source for your business brand.

Comments please:  What are your favorite Twitter tools?