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New & Exciting Twitter Tool

November 5, 2009

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So you may have heard that now you can create your own lists on Twitter so you can Tweet to specific groups rather than your entire list of followers.  Great news for Marketers, people with Friends on Twitter, and a variety of other reasons.  For now, I’m not going to group my people together because anyone can like pets so I don’t want to eliminate anyone.

If you do decide to make your own list, you can make it public or private.  The lists that are public can be found on Listorious.  What does that mean for us?  We can go out there and get more people that have an interest in what we are marketing.  For instance, I found groups related to dogs.  Like “dogs who tweet” and “cats who tweet”.  Those are my people right!!  So there is a button where you can move over to your Twitter account and follow them all at once.  Hopefully half of them will follow me back.  I’ll play with this for awhile and see what other groups I can find.  If you want to follow people that enjoy crafts just enter “crafts” in the search box and you will get 4 pages of results.


Getting the most out of your Twitter Acct.

November 1, 2009

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I don’t pay for any twitter tools and I recommend you do not as well. There are plenty of free tools out there that are sufficient. I don’t claim to be a Twitter expert, but I wanted to write this after seeing that many of you don’t have a lot of Twitter followers. I consider that to be less than 200 for many and less than 50 for even more.

If the only reason you use Twitter is to keep up with friends and fellow sellers that’s fine, but if you want to market yourself on Twitter that won’t work. My purpose in using Twitter is to market to people that might be interested in my products. To use Twitter as a marketing tool you MUST get MANY followers that are interested in your product line. As of right now I have 1,100+ followers. I’ve been with Twitter for a short time and I do not pay to get that many followers. A lot of people will ask if you want thousands of followers and they’ll want you to pay for a tool, but who knows if you’re targeting your niche market with those techniques.

How have I gotten 1,100+ followers? TWITin (and sometimes) and Social Oomph. Allow me to illustrate. I did post these two tools in another post but I wanted to post them here to encourage everyone to take full advantage of their tweets.

Unless you are really interest in what someone has to say (like for me it’s celebrity dish) don’t follow the person unless they follow you. Some people start following you just so you follow them then un-follow you once you are following them. You don’t have space on your account to follow people that aren’t following you. You have a max of 2,000 people you can follow before Twitter starts looking at the ratio of followers to following on your account. I don’t know what the ratio is but I hit 2,000 the other day and they wouldn’t let me follow anyone new so I knew it was time to clean out a bunch of people that were not following me. I give people a few days to follow me before I will un-follow them. I try to keep the follow to followers ratio pretty close.
2. I don’t recommend un-following people that are following you just because you think you got ‘em. If you do that to someone like me I will un-follow you automatically.
3. Social Oomph has sooooo many functions. One being to un-follow anyone that un-follows you AND to automatically follow anyone that follows you. This is such a time saver.
4. You can also keep your multiple twitter accounts here so you can tweet from one central location.
5. You can set it up to receive emails when people tweet about keywords like your store name, something you sell or whatever you think you need to watch out for. I should note this tool hasn’t worked for me as I only received one email from it.
6. Social Oomph also allows you to set up tweets when you’re away from your computer. If you want people to constantly get messages from you set it up here. Remember that MANY people that will be following you will be following 1,000 others. So you want to make sure they read something from you everyday. If you only tweet once or twice a day you are going to get lost in the shuffle.

Don’t just post about your store on twitter. For me, that gets boring. If someone is following you that is only following 50 people they are going to get frustrated if all you put up all day is visit my store with a link. Frustration leads to an un-follow. Tell everyone about your day so you are seen as a real person. See what everyone else is tweeting about. It can be dumb stuff like “I just got the laundry out …. I hate laundry.” You might start a conversation with someone else that hates laundry. It makes you more personable.  I’ll tweet about my kids a lot because that’s the center of my world.  If I’m working on marketing ideas for the store I might say something about that.  There are a wide variety of things you can talk about that don’t include a link to your store.

I hope this helps everyone! I want to see higher numbers out there from everyone in my Selling Lounge and Buy It Sell It forums… IF you want to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

Do you have any favorite Twitter Tools?  What do YOU use Twitter for?